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About StudMaster

This is platform developed by Evelyn Hone's IT department. This system is meant to be used to enable students do registration 100% online, register for exams as well to manage their student file online as opposed to having a physical file. Students can also see test results, submit assignments and and receive class notes. To access these services an enrolled students simply has to to the folling;

  • Submit Student Details
  • Create login account with a valid email address
  • Login into the system

Beware of the Coronavirus Covid19 is real, take the following precautions

  • 01 Hands Washing

    Wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds as often as possible. Always have with you an alcohol based sanitizer. And make it your goal to avoid touching your nose, mouth, eyes.

  • By all means avoid crowded places, if you are a student, avoid being found in crowded classrooms when it is not necessary for you to be there. Whenever there is rooms to attend a class online instead of a physical class, take advantage of it. Avoid physical contact eg hand shakes, hugs etc.

  • Always wear a mask when on campus. Ensure the mask is always covering your mouth and nose. Wearing a mask reduces your chances of getting the Coronavirus.


Services Available on StudMaster

This platform has services that benefits both the students and the Evelyn Hone College Management. As a student, you can do the folling;

Submit Student Details

Submit Details

Views Classes Content

View Classes Content

Enrol for Exam

Enrol for exams


Register for a study session, term or semester

Student Profile

View your Student Profile details and manag your student file

Views Classes Content

Create Loggin Accountt

Credit Agreement forms

You can submit and track credit agreement forms

View My Class

View your class list

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