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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make my payments?

    You can pay using the following options:
    Airtel Money: dial *778#, select option 4, then school fees, then select School Pay. On the student ID enter your Student number starting with EH eg EH21009988
    MTN Money: dial *305#. On the student ID enter your Student number starting with EH eg EH21009988
    Go the School Pay Website. Select the option Pay Fees. Select which proider to use. Enter the student ID starting with EH eg EH21009988. Indicate the phone number from which the money will be paid and submit. Enter the PIN on your phone to approve the payment.
    Atlas Mara or UBA Deposit: Walk into the branch for any of the two and make your deposit.

  • Go to registration, select exam registration. Select the exam series, select the level, mark the subjects you are writting and click submit.
    Once you have submitted, the system will take you to a page showing your registration lists. If you have paid all the money or you are bursary click on the link on the registration that is pending. The link will look like 20989898 - Musonda Mark (ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN SECRETARIAL AND OFFICE MANAGEMENT) - Grz. If you are not owing, the system will clear your regitration.

  • On the menu, select registration then Exam Registration. Select the exam series you are sitting for. Select the level and mark the subjects you are writing. Select the fees that applies to you if the system has not automatically calculate.
    Click submit. Once submitted, your head of section will have to approve, then accounts. Once fully approved, go to the exam registrations list, select the exam registration you want. A Docket button will pop up, click on it to generate your exam docket.

  • Go to on the menu items select registration, then credit agreement form. When the page opens, click Add New. Fill in the total amount you have been billed, the amount you have paid. Indicate the date by which you will pay. Select the number of installments. Check the agree to terms and conditions box, then click submit.
    To use the agreement form, click the Use Approved Agreement Form check box. Select the agreement form before you submit.

  • Select class work on menu item, then select Class work. On the Page that opens select the subject whose content you want to access. Select class notes, assignments, class sessions etc to view the content.